Want A Smaller Waist? Get Rid Of Negative Thinking

Every day you think many thousands of thoughts. we talk to ourselves more than anyone else. For most of us we trust ourselves more than anyone else. Many of your most private conversations are between you and yourself. You would never share these conversations with anyone else for fear of exposing  the “real” you, that person filled with worries, disappointment, guilt, and self-doubt. However, the truth is, this is not you, not the real you. This is the you that your beliefs, values, and ego, have created. you created these negative beliefs thus, you accept them as truth. the funny thing is these beliefs couldn’t be more false.

Where did these beliefs come from? Mostly from the people around you, family, friends, teachers, and other people that have been influential in your life. You might have heard one of them say, “She’s fat.”. That is a seed planted. You took that and ran with it to the point where you now believe it to be truth. Do you see where I’m going? Now your whole life has been controlled by a flimsy statement made a long time ago. It’s nobody’s  right, and more importantly, no one has the power to control who you are. You and only you know what is truly in your heart and who you really are. We come into the world devoid of the chains of negative thoughts. You were born a budding bundle of joy brimming with unlimited possibilities and potential. Let me tell you right now, that has not changed. You are now and always will be a bundle of joy with unlimited possibilities and potential. The only issue is what you concentrate on.

A few quick questions. If you eliminated all the bad conversations that you have with yourself, for example, I will never have a smaller waist, I’m fat, I fail always, who would want me?, The lists can be as long as the earth is round… would you feel lighter emotionally? Would you feel happier? Would you have more confidence? How about if you went one step further and replaced all the negative self talk with positive ones? How would your life change? Take the time to focus on the things you like about yourself and only those things and sit back and watch as your emotional state rises. Consistently put this into practice and watch that fat melt away and see a smaller waist. My friend, if you make positive thinking a habit,  there is no end to what you will be able to accomplish.

You have always been that budding bundle of joy that came into the world. You can easily discover the positive things about yourself by focusing on these questions. What’s in my heart that only I know? What am I good at? What do I like about me and my body? You want a smaller waist, your goal now is positive feelings. Right now how are you feeling? If you focus on the positive things you feel about yourself, you’ll be happy, you’ll  feel good. How do you want to feel, good or bad? Most of us would say good. Just about all of us would say great. Make a decision right here and now about how you want to feel. Tell yourself that you will look for all the positives within and about you, take time to appreciate all the positives and greatness.

what does all this have to do with the getting a smaller waist? It has everything to do with getting a smaller waist. What you pull into your experience is determined by your state of emotion. How you feel is the controlling factor. You program your subconscious and create your beliefs with the things you tell yourself. So ask yourself. Do you want this programming to be centered on the negative thinking that is false? Or do you want your subconscious to be centered on the truth, that you are the most beautiful and magnificent version of you. Start nurturing yourself today. Start loving yourself today. Open up and allow all that enthusiasm, joy, and optimism you had as a child to permeate your everyday experiences. Celebrate your successes no matter the size. Love yourself and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Do this consistently day in and day out and see the fat begin to dissolve. See that smaller waist materialize.and celebrate as you watch those useless negative beliefs begin to fade away.

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