Lose the Belly Fat

I was recently asked the question, “How do I lose belly fat?”, Well, my simple answer is bluntly, “You can’t.”

When I get that strange and somewhat dejected look, I go on to explain that regardless of how many sit ups, crunches, or leg lifts you do, you cannot target belly fat.” The reason for this is, you simply can’t target “belly fat” loss. Doing crunches, and other ab exercises only develop your abdominal muscles. These exercises don’t burn belly fat specifically.

When your body needs fat for fuel, it utilizes stored fat where ever it finds it. Your body doesn’t target certain areas for fat burning, It doesn’t know that crunches mean, “burn belly fat, and love handles.” Every body type is different, thus every body stores fat differently. Generally, for men, body fat is stored in the stomach region. For women, it’s usually in the hips and thighs. When you burn fat, the body does it it’s own way.

The best formula for ridding yourself of that dreaded belly fat is a healthy diet + proper exercise. Get your diet right, and exercise regularly and the fat will gradually melt away.


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