How to Remove Warts ? Types of Warts & Treatment

While warts are generally harmless they certainly are not attractive and when one springs up in an unfortunate place it can be very off-putting and embarrassing. How to remove warts then? thankfully there are many wart treatments out there, so many in fact you may be a little spoiled for choice and do not know which one is best! The place to start is to understand the type of wart you have then find the best applicable treatment so let’s take a look!

Verruca Vulgaris

Also known as the common wart this type shows as a thickened bump of skin often with a rough surface that often has small spots from clotted blood vessels. Usually found on the hands, elbow and knees.

Flat Warts

As the name suggests this wart is quite a flat bump on the skin and are usually brown or skin colored. The flat wart is mainly seen mainly on women’s faces.

Plantar Warts

These are a most annoying wart as they grow only on the feet and can be very painful. They tend to be large and flat growing into the skin rather than out of the skin and many cases have reported it spreading too much of the foot making walking and running very difficult.

Genital Warts

These warts are often like common warts though they appear in the region around the genitals. There is a chance that some subtypes of these warts can become cancerous and should be seen by a doctor who can determine if this might be the case!

There are many over the counter remedies that claim they can cure warts but many people find themselves resistant to such treatments and have to rely on more drastic action.

Other such methods of wart removal are cryotherapy where a doctor literally freezes your wart with liquid nitrogen, this kills the growth but not the connecting skin. The wart is removed then a scab will form for a time and heal naturally leaving the skin clear. This is not a good choice for Plantar warts as the resulting sore from the process is often more painful than the wart itself!

Another method of treatment is using salicylic acid which involves soaking the wart then cutting it slightly to apply the acid. You must keep the surrounding skin safe with petroleum jelly however and this process must be repeated day after day until it is gone. You can get these products over the counter however and do not need to see a doctor.

The choice is yours on how to remove warts and many of you may have tried many remedies before and failed so must search for another one for your particular type of wart. The solution to your wart problem may just be the next thing you try however so good luck!

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