Get Your Mind Right For A Smaller Waist

You want a smaller waist, but dieting is a dreadful word for most of us. Uggh! Too many people looking to lose weight through dieting set a path to failure before the dieting even gets underway. We think about the tasteless food, smaller portions, and WHAT! no snacking?! We see so many negatives concerning dieting, the mishaps pile up in our minds before we make it past day one.

I want a smaller waist, so I don’t know why I do this to myself. Unfortunately, I’m far from alone here. There was a time when I binged and gorged myself before going on a diet. I know that if I want to see my waist smaller, I’m going to have to give up my favorite snacks, and junk food. Funny thing is nothing could be more false. I just had to learn to use moderation. Better yet, I had to learn to love the word moderation.

You see, if you want a smaller waist, you have to change the way you think about food, and how much you love eating before any diet you choose will work. A lot of people have to begin realizing that food is not our enemy. Even your mouth watering snacks aren’t the enemy. The problem, or enemy, is the fact that we can’t and/or won’t exercise moderation. We eat the wrong foods much more than we do the right foods. Therein lies the problem.

If we don’t eat the proper proportion of daily nutrients our body needs, our bodies know something’s not right, and the feelings of hunger and deprivation grow. We want a smaller waist so we need to know that if we eat the proper servings of healthy food,  filled with all the necessary nutrients,  we will not feel hungry, and want to snack on the foods that are less healthy. This increases our chances of eating our favorite snacks in moderation as we should.

Another issue that wrecks havoc on our goal to a smaller waist is, how we control our portions. In this world of, “Would you like me to super-size those fries?”, and “king-sized” chocolate bars, it’s harder to say no. We must train ourselves to say no, and begin to avoid the situations that would tempt us to order bigger portions than we need.

To really see positive results from dieting, get into the mindset of  enjoying and embracing the necessary steps you must go through to shrink your waist, and be a healthier you,  instead of viewing dieting as some type of deprivation punishment. Begin to change how you view your dieting goals. See the glass as half full. Put a positive spin on your journey to a smaller waist. Don’t aim negative thoughts towards your diet. When the hunger pangs arise, think about how much better you’ll look in your new healthier body. Focus your mind on how you want to look. Remind yourself that you are getting that beach body back. Tell yourself you will have a smaller waist.

Don’t get tunnel vision, and go cold turkey on your favorite goodies. Enjoy life, and don’t beat yourself up over the occasional extra portion every now and then. The theme here is balance. Train yourself to eat the right portions, view moderation as a good thing, and embrace it. Don’t forget to exercise or partake in some form of activity on a regular basis. Diet and exercise will give you the most amazing smaller waist, and body.

A dieting plan to help you get a smaller waist is only a drag if you allow it to be. Get in the proper mindset. You have full control of your thoughts. Use moderation, find your balance, and be positive when it comes to eating right. Be regular about Exercise or whatever activity you like to do. You will find that you can eat your favorite snacks without overindulging, and still burn off those extra pounds.

Yes, you can be much more successful at dieting than you ever thought possible by changing your mindset. To your success, and a smaller waist.

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