Get A Smaller Waist By Winning The War Of The Mind

Not focusing on which off the wall diet you’re on or that new exercise to get a smaller waist is the best way to keep yourself motivated. Don’t think about the sacrifices, that slice of red velvet cake that you pass on or going for a brisk walk instead of sitting in front of the TV watching your favorite show. No, keep your mind on what you want, to lose weight in the first place.

Do you want a smaller waist, to be healthier, have a nicer looking body? For most of us those are the reasons we want to lose weight. Fully understanding why you want to lose weight is the most important thing. Ask yourself what’s in it for me? Are you looking for that quick fix, instant gratification or do you want a healthy body for the rest of your life. Continually keep these questions and the answers in the front of your mind as you venture on the road to a smaller waist, and healthier you.

Most of the battle to get a smaller waist is fought on the battlefield of the mind, not in the gym.

A great visual marker to keep you motivated is to use a picture of that smaller waist and healthier body that you desire. Make a copy of it and keep it in your purse or wallet. For others, the motivation will come when they see a picture of themselves as they look right now, the before picture. To go hand-in-hand with whatever picture that works best for you, make a list of your goals and write down some affirmations. An example of a goal could be: “I will lose 10 pounds by New Year’s day.” And add the affirmation: “everyone will tell me I look great.” Take the time to think about your weight loss goals and affirmations, write them down, and keep them somewhere where you will see them at least a few times a day.

Continually remind yourself of your affirmations, they will be the catalyst that will spur the creation of your new or renewed positive mindframe. Say your affirmations to yourself as much as you can. Say them when you wake up, before every meal and whenever the thought arises. It’s important that you never miss saying them. This is one exercise that will aid in changing your life for the better.

You can try every crazy diet you come across, buy all the exercise machines your budget can handle and get caught up in all the hype. Some of these things work, but most of the things you see advertised is all hype. Concentrate on the fundamentals. Practice the basic elements of fitness on a constant basis and you’ll be fine.

If you’re in this for the long haul and you want lasting results plus a smaller waist, you must alter your habits, and thinking. Say your affirmations to yourself until you fully believe them and then continue to say them! For three weeks every day say your affirmations, don’t miss a day. You will begin to see weight loss and a smaller waist. You will accomplish levels of success that you didn’t even know was possible. Stay focused on your goals, be vigilant about repeating your affirmations, and be consistent about this new life you are creating for yourself and you will soon reap the rewards.


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