Epsom Salt Bath Weight Loss – How It Works?

If you search for Epsom salt bath weight loss before and after pictures or results on the internet, you will apparently come face to face with evidence of this current popular trend. There have been many stories off lately about drinking Epsom salt weight loss bath water or using the Epsom salt weight loss wrap to reduce weight. Of course, when you first hear about this salt bath, the first reaction is astonishment followed by immense delight! What could be better than to shed off the extra pounds by just sitting in a warm bath and relaxing for a few hours! That is the luxurious way of shedding off the fat layers. In this article, we explore more about this salt; its composition, use, benefits and effectiveness!

Wondering what Epsom salts are?

There are many Epsom salt bath weight loss reviews that are available on the internet these days. It is essential to understand what these salts are to understand better how these salts work to facilitate weight loss. In other words, if you are wondering how to drink Epsom salt bath water to reduce fat, you should first know what this salt is. Technically speaking, these are not precisely salts but in fact natural compounds of magnesium and sulfate. They originate from the suburb land of Surrey in North England.

How Epsom salt bath work on the human body?

It is fascinating to know how this salt works on the human body. Several research studies have been carried out on this salt to find out how correctly does it function when it comes into contact with the human skin. These salts, as mentioned above, are rich sources of Magnesium and sulfate. This salt when enters in contact with the skin is also absorbed by the skin layer through which it enters the bloodstream. There are multiple effects that magnesium and sulfate have on the human body. Not only is it known to aid weight loss process but is also recognized to enhance the function of particular enzymes inside the body. This way it even reaches to the bones through the bloodstream and strengthens it.

Does Epsom salt bath weight loss work?

The question about whether this salt works or not is rather impressive. While there is a general speculation that this salt bath is beneficial for weight loss, the truth is sadly the opposite. This salt bath does not help you burn fat or lose body weight but instead makes you lose the water weight. As the Epsom salt bath weight loss MMA is explained by the renowned Dr. Oz, only 10 minutes into the hot bath will make you lose up to at least 1 pound of body weight and 1 to 1.5 inches off your thighs and waist.

However, the truth is that it is not the body weight that you lose but instead the water weight because as a result of sweating in the hot bathtub. Hence, losing water weight will bring the weight down on the scale but can this be regarded as permanent weight loss? No, it cannot because the water weight loss is likely to be temporary and will come back after few days.

Additional benefits of Epsom salt bath

While this salt bath is precisely not the ideal option to lose weight for the long term, this salt bath has several other health benefits. Let’s have a look at the numerous health benefits these salts have to offer.

  1. It is beneficial to relieve muscle soreness
  2. It eases injuries pains and strain
  3. These salts are helpful to control and regulate the sebum production in the body; hair and skin
  4. It acts as a very efficient body exfoliator
  5. It provides the body with magnesium

Epsom salt bath weight loss – How to make one?

Epsom salt bath weight loss instructions are available to recognize how to prepare a bath to avail the countless health benefits that it offers. Here is the quick overview of how to make this tub to enjoy all the right things it has to offer along with the temporary weight loss.

  • It is important to begin slowly till the body gets used to the salts. Therefore, you should start by using only 1 spoon of salt in the hot bath water. After a few months, you can increase the quantity of the salts.
  • Traditionally, the salts and water are combined to form a hot bath. However, other essential nutrients can also be added to the bath water. For instance, you can add essential oils and fragrances. You can even try adding apple cider vinegar because it is also considered to be a miraculous ingredient.
  • It is advised to take a bath in Luke warm water for about 15 to 20 minutes to avail the benefits of the bath to the fullest.

Precautionary measures for Epsom salt bath weight loss

There are many Epsom salt bath weight loss side effects reported if a person does not take the proper precautions. It is, therefore, vital to be cautious when using this salt to make sure it has no adverse effects on the health.

  • If you are a patient of high blood pressure, it is not safe for you to intake this salt. Therefore, it is not recommended for a person who suffers from low or high blood pressure to use this bath method to initiate weight loss.
  • A person suffering from kidney problems or any disease that adversely impacts the kidney functioning is not a suitable candidate for this salt bath.
  • Pregnant women and feeding mothers should abstain from this bath as well.
  • It is also essential to make sure that the temperature of the bath water is moderate and bearable. Extreme hot pools can cause severe degree burns.
  • This salt contains high amounts of magnesium and is therefore not advised to be taken on daily basis. Thus, even if you swallow one gulp of the bath water during bathing, it is best to seek immediate medical help.

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