Can A Man Get Stretch Marks?

While stretch marks are a problem which is commonly associated with women, men can get them as well. In fact, a number of sources have indicated that the male population is just as likely to develop them as a woman. However, the reason why they are less prominent in men is because they tend to have more hair on their bodies than women, so any marks that they may have are much more likely to be covered by body hair and far less noticeable. However, for men who don’t have a large amount of body hair, they can be just as visible, and therefore more frustrating to handle. Some doctors think that men develop them as a result of the over production of corticosteroid in their bodies.

When the body becomes filled with this, it limits the production of collagen. Once collagen becomes limited in its production, stretch marks are the natural result. However, in addition to corticosteroid, there are a number of other things which may cause a male to develop them. When a male goes through puberty, hormonal changes in his body can lead to these scars. Men who lift weights on a regular basis also have a higher incidence of developing them, and should a man gain or lose weight quickly, this sudden change in weight could also lead to the development of stretch marks. The good news is that there are options available for men who want to get rid of these marks.

Being able to manage them is crucially important, particularly if you already have them. They are hard to remove, and at best, many of the creams on the market will only reduce them, rather than getting rid of them completely. There are a number of ways in which you can manage them. The most simple method of managing stretch marks is simply to cover them up. Stretch-mark make-up is well suited to this purpose.

If you’ve tried all the basic methods, such as creams and oils, and you still don’t see any progress, this means you will probably need to resort to using laser surgery, microdermabrasion, or thermage. While these methods are more expensive, they are much more likely to bring you the needed results. However, unless you’re very wealthy, the biggest challenge you will face is coming up with the money for these treatments, for they are highly expensive.

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