A Full Body Workout For A Smaller Waist

Many of us think that working out requires many hours in the gym and sacrificing a lot of our free time. Perhaps achieving that smaller waist demands hours and hours in a musty gym day after day year after year. This doesn’t have to be the case. Yes, you need to work hard and set aside time to lift weights, but you can and will see progress with a full body workout that you can easily fit into your schedule. If you’re looking forward to achieving a smaller waist through fitness but find it challenging to stick to a single exercise routine, you might find a full body workout a more convenient option.

A real full body workout entails contracting the muscles to maximum levels using heavyweights, taking the time to recover fully ( when you rest you grow), and avoiding burnout which will happen if you overtrain. There are many full body workouts pertaining to whatever goal you’re trying to reach. From building muscle to burning fat to see a smaller waist. If you think a full body workout is for you here are a few things you need to know.

A full body workout saves you time. If you choose to train your whole body in one visit, you will make fewer trips to the gym. Depending on your level of intensity, you would only have to go to the gym two or three times a week. Another plus for doing a full body workout is the elimination of those two and three-hour marathons of strenuous exercise. For every session of full body workout you will spend no more than an hour or so in the gym or wherever you choose to work out. That’s about four hours a week. I’m sure if you’re dedicated to getting a smaller waist, you will be able to set aside four hours a week to devote to fitness. The goal of a full body workout is to focus on quality not quantity, not even the amount of time you set aside per session,  so much as the intensity of your workout.

A full body workout enhances your lungs and heart (cardiovascular system), enabling you to exercise with even greater intensity and effectiveness. In a one hour session, make time for 3 to 4 sets per body part. With so much time devoted to actually working out and so little time to rest, your cardiovascular system gets an excellent work out as well. Now that you’re pumped up and ready to maintain a smaller waist, here are some rules to follow when doing a full body workout.

Because training sessions are few, once every two or three days or so, you have more time to rest. During this time you can do a few cardio exercises instead of doing these exercises after a workout which is not very effective. For those that are looking for more muscle tone as well as fat loss, lift heavy weights. Since this is a full body workout you don’t need to worry about conserving energy as much for the next body part. With that in mind train hard, remember intensity over quantity. The heavier the weights you can safely train with, the more progress you will see.

something important to remember is only one exercise for each muscle group. That is easy to follow right? Do one basic exercise with great intensity and you don’t have to worry about three or four different exercises for that same muscle group, simple yet very effective.

finally keep your workouts short. One hour is optimal. Training with weights or any kind of resistance training effects the hormones contributed to building muscle and burning fat. An intense exercise increases the body’s testosterone levels. We all have testosterone in our bodies. It’s the hormone the body uses to build muscle. You want to increase your testosterone levels by working out, however, the longer you work out, the more your body produces the hormone cortisol which is not beneficial. Stay within that hour range and you maintain a balance between testosterone and cortisol, an optimal zone.

Use these tips if and when you decide to incorporate full body workouts into your fitness agenda. You’ll be surprised by the gains you achieve, smaller waist, and more energy you have with the small amount of time you have to devote towards exercising.

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