15 Tips To Prevent Eye Strain From Computer Use

You must know about the problem of eye strain that normally caused by the excessive usage of computer and watching television screens. We know that in today’s life everyone of us has to use the computer for getting quick and precise results while the same people watch television for entertainment. Moreover, our kids and youngsters too, use computer and television for entertainment.

The American Optometric Association calls the eye strain from computer use as Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain.

But don’t worry, we have discussed some easy tips through which you can prevent your eyes from bad effects of the computer as well as other screens.

We have already discussed things that cause eye pain, but here we are going to tell you about the discomforts, you may have experienced due to excessive use of computer screens or other similar gadgets. Such problems may include

  • Blurred vision or Double vision
  • Itchy eyes
  • Eye discomfort
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Eye fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Burning sensation
  • Changes in color perception

Dry eyes are also caused by air from an air condition or a fan for an extended period.

Remember! The use of a computer or other screens do not cause permanent damage to your eyes, but still affect your productivity( the ability of eyes to work) tremendously. Moreover, it would be annoying and unpleasant. It could make you exhausted and decrease your ability to focus. So try to make all or some of the following tips, part of your life. We hope these tips will help you greatly.


Remember! We human being use our eyes in lightings of various intensities which is not good for the health of our eyes. Because our eyes can work well only in an optimal or appropriate intensity—when our eyes do not feel any strain.

Do not watch your gadget in the dark for a longer time and adjust the screen brightness of your gadget to a level, to which you feel comfortable. Use fewer light bulbs or fluorescent tubes while working in an office and position your computer in a way that it faces the window or door so that, you enjoy more light falling on the screen of your gadget. It will decrease the impact of screen brightness on your eyes.

If possible, then try to avoid the overhead fluorescent bulb or off it and take help from floor lights when you work on the computer.


Try to keep the size of the letters large, so that you can easily write, edit and rewrite. It is helpful when you write long documents. No problem, you can make the letters’ size small, when you are done with writing. But to prevent your eyes from fatigue and double vision you must keep the size of the text large to avoid any discomfort.


Different people watch screens at various angles, but the optimal angle is 15 to 20 degree below the eye level, it is almost at 4 to 5 inches as measured from the center of the screen and 20 to 28 inches from the eyes.


Position the computer screen to avoid glare but if it is impossible to avoid glare then use screen glare filter. These filters decrease the amount of light reflected from the screen.


Staring at bright screens for hours can cause eye problems like blurred vision, fatigue or the problem of difficulty focusing. So we recommend some suggestions like, keep the brightness of the screen normal and always use letters of black color on white background. It will make you feel comfortable when reading or writing by having the normal contrasting combination.


Computer use causes more eye strain and eye fatigue than reading a print because during using computer people are so busy to find or to think about to blink eyes. To prevent eye strain and dry eye, try to blink your eyes more frequently.

While staring at screens normally, we forget to blink because we are very busy in reading or writing. But, blinking gives help to avoid dry eyes and fatigue in eyes. Blink more frequently when staring at screens to avoid eye fatigue and dry eyes or any other eye problem.


Schedule your meetings and organize your work in a way that you can set in front of the screens at a specific time. Because, if you are continuously set in front of these blue light-emitting screens then, it easily causes the eye strain. I mean that to take a break from looking at screens is important. In such cases, computer glasses, anti-glare filters or some apps can be used because they help to minimize the intensity of blue light by blocking some of them.

TAKE 20-20-20 BREAK

Every 20 minute, give yourself 20 seconds to see around what is going on at a distance of 20 feet from you.


You should adjust the height of your chair in a way that your feet can stay flat on the floor. If your chair has arms then, its arms should be adjusted in a way that they support your arms to give you comfort during typing. Moreover, your wrist should not rest on the keyboard while typing.


Giving a massage to muscles of your eyes can give great help in making the muscles relax and feel comfort. Rub your hands to create friction and warmness and then apply your palms to your closed eyes.


It is important to take some supplements for the overall health of your eyes. Go for vitamins that contain antioxidant and components that improve the health of your eyes. Try to take vitamin A, B complex, C, and E and with Zinc.


Try to wipe dust from your computer frequently. Dust lowers contrast and adds to stare and reflection problems.


Some progressions that may counteract dry eyes incorporate utilizing a humidifier modifying the indoor regulator to diminish blowing air and maintaining a strategic distance from smoke. If you smoke, consider stopping. Moving your seat to an alternate range may lessen the measure of dry moving air on your eyes and face.


You can find artificial tears in any medical market that help in preventing dry eyes. It is useful to keep your eyes well-lubricated and to prevent the reoccurrence of the sign.


Get your eyes checked once a year. Be sure to tell your eye doctor about the computer or workstation setup and the number of hours you set in front of computer screen.

Your doctor may recommend you any drops that keep your eyes lubricated. Go for lubricating drops that do not contain preservatives.

Try to include fish oil like ‘Omega-3 fatty acid’ in your diet. But before trying it, you must visit your doctor to be consulted properly.

Be happy! Yes, we found that there are some problems created in our eyes by the excessive usage screens of electronic devices like computer, tablet, mobile and television. But research done in the United States has shown that looking at computer screens may be beneficial too.

Let we tell you how looking at such screens may be beneficial to your eyes.  They specifically found that playing video games can improve the vision of our eyes because playing video games gives the users a chance to enhance the contrast sensitivity. Contrast sensitivity is very much helpful in activities like driving in a poor visibility like driving in fog or at night.

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