10 warning Signs Your Woman Does Not Respect You

The key to a healthy and strong relationship is respect. It’s very difficult to determine. Therefore, every woman yearns for love, while every man yearns for the respect of a woman. Everyone should understand that his opinions, opinions and feelings are very important for their partners.

Here are the signs that show that your woman does not respect you:

  • She does not listen – everyone should have a chance to speak out. When your woman interrupts you and disagrees with you all the time, it means that she does not respect you.
  • She speaks negatively about your family – the ideal woman will still respect and love relatives from the side of the spouse, although they are difficult to love. This woman who does not respect you, also does not respect your family, and will also be negative about them.
  • She is always annoyed – when you want to spend more time with her, she is irritated.
  • Usually, she is unkind – if you are a brute and unkind girl, then she does not respect you and your feelings.
  • She points out what’s wrong with you, because a disrespectful woman will always remind her husband of her misfortunes.
  • Compares you to another guy – she does not respect you if she compares you to other guys.
  • She is not proud of you – a woman who does not respect her man, is ashamed of him and does not mention him in public.
  • She mocks you – it’s quite another – to make fun of the audience with teasing. If she ridicules you before other people, it means that she does not respect you.
  • She never seems grateful – a woman who loves and respects her partner will be grateful for every thing, however, she will not be grateful if she does not respect you.
  • She uses a threatening language – respect does not harm your partner, but if your woman does not, she will use angry words and a threatening language, showing her disrespect.

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