Tips for Staying Healthy in Your 40s

You still feel fabulous after reaching your 40s, but you cannot deny the fact that you are also starting to notice some changes in your body. You will need to address these mild changes quickly before they even developed into a significant problem. Some of the most common changes will include a slight decrease of your metabolism, muscle loss, change in bone density, decline of sexual libido and depression. So, How To Stay Healthy in Your 40s ?

How To Stay Healthy in Your 40s

As early as today, you need to establish these 8 habits to prevent and counter the changes that are happening in your body. This will guarantee that you will live happier and healthier.

Eating a Solid Breakfast Daily

Experts in nutrition agree that having your breakfast daily can keep your weight down. It can also increase your metabolism rate. A study proved that women who are eating a solid breakfast shed a total of 21% body mass over the last 8 months compared to women who only lost 4.5% with their low-carb diet. Those who are eating healthy breakfast are projected to continue losing weight while those with low-carb diet will gain their weight back after only 4 months.

Boost Your Metabolism

You can easily awaken your sleeping metabolism through strength-training for at least 6 months. This means that your body will be designed to burn calories even if you are just resting and watching your favorite TV show. Strength Training is also intended to increase the bone density and avoid the common injuries acquired by people around your age. Try to exercise at least 30 minutes every day.

Increase the Vitamin D and Calcium Intake

Vitamin D and Calcium are essential to maintain strong and healthy bone. But experts believe that the standard intake today is significantly low. A renowned organization is advising women aged 40 and above to get around 400-800IU of vitamin D and at least 1000mg of calcium. They should derive these from their daily foods such as salmon and fortified milk. There are also experts who advice to increase your Vitamin D intake to up to 1,000IU.

Control Your Stress

Men and women aged 40-above need to stay away from stress as much as possible. Healthy heart means that your heart is beating faster when you inhale and will beat slower when you exhale. But the variability of the heart rate can be affected by your stress which can trigger different changes such as cell’s death, low libido, reduced brain function and high blood pressure. Try to meditate by breathing in with the nose and counting four beats before you exhale through your mouth.

Finally, you may also want to think about increasing the amount of your protein intake to boost the activity of your brain. This can help you prevent memory decline, poor thinking, and depression and keep your body healthy.

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