Tips and Ideas for Eye Makeup Styles

The world of makeup is vast and filled with styles and colors. When choosing eye makeup styles, you may feel confused because you do not have idea how to choose. Perhaps you feel that there are no other styles left aside from the ones that you only know about. The good news is that there are a lot of beauty tips for different eye makeup styles that you can also apply. Let’s take a look at them.

Bronze Smokey Makeup

Rather than going for the standard Smokey eye makeup that usually ends up looking very dark, you can introduce something new by using a hint of bronze. In order to complete the look, you need to prepare three shades. Apply the darkest shade on the entire eyelid, with the medium colored one along the crease, as well as the lighter one through the brow bone. Blend together the shades, line both lower and upper lids using black eyeliner. Make sure to complete your look with a mascara.

Cat eye Makeup

Most women cannot resist a cat eye makeup. It is sexy, though it might also seem challenging to some. For this look, you need to use an eyeliner which can help you in precision. A gel liner is usually a good option, along with an eyeliner brush. Dip your brush in your black liner, drawing the tail at the outer eye edge. Afterwards, run your brush on the upper lid going inside the inner eye corner. Fill the lid using gel liner, making it appear thicker. Now, you have just created a winged eye which is great for the night.

Candlelit Eyes

Creating those candlelit eyes will make you look bright and younger, which is why it is loved even by aged women. All you need here is to prepare a light gold eyeliner, together with a light beige eye shadow. Apply your light beige eye shadow on the upper lids, as well as some on the brow bone. Then, with the light gold eyeliner, line the lower lids, giving attention to the inner eye corners. Line your upper lids using a thin black liner line, completing the look with mascara.

Beauty Care is for everybody

A lot of older adults say that applying these tips are only for younger women. However, there is no age when it comes to taking care of beauty and health. All you need to make sure is to choose the best one that suits you. Of course, aside from focusing on your outer appearance, you also have to take care of what’s inside, making sure that your health is well-given attention at the same time. Your health will give further glow to your eyes.

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