Simple Ways to train your cat to utilize the Toilet

It is practically very easy to train your beloved cat to use the toilet. This may pose as a challenge to many folks out there, but we wish to let you know that it is possible, and that’s the goal of this article. With its possibility – also comes a number of benefits.

What’s the essence of training your cat to use the toilet?

Training a cat to use the toilet will save you money, time and also ensure environmental cleanliness – with much better hygiene for everyone!
Know that cats are naturally smart pets, and they learn to pick up things very quickly. It is therefore possible to have your cat trained for this purpose as young as 4 months old and within a 6 weeks timeframe.
When you train your cat to use the toilet, this will eliminate litter box odors. It also means that health and hygiene gets improved for everyone living within your household.

Doing this, the involvement!

Of perchance your cat has already gained mastery of litter box, then it means human toilet training will be much easier for it. So consider the following cat training routine and your cat will be next in line to utilize the toilet at home:
  • You would have to move your cat’s litter box close to your toilet, to introduce the new idea along with the new smells & setting. It is this stage that we refer to as the “adjustment phase”
  • Next, you will have to stay committed to raising the cat’s litter box – supported by a plastic step or frame – slowly on a daily basis until the litter box is much on same level/height as your toilet. Whenever you raise the litter box, please take note of taking some of the cat litter out of the box.
  • Next, move the box onto the toilet seat at most half way on the onset – until the cat gets accustomed to the new concept. Discovering that the cat is much comfortable with the new system, you can now move the box entirely over the toilet seat.
  • You can replace the litter box with a training box which can be bought online or from a local pet store in your city. Also ensure to always clean the litter from the training box after every usage.
  • After some more days into this, take out one of the rings from the training box and repeat this process every other day until the entire rings are gone. This strategy is to get your cat to get used to the toilet water sight & smell.
  • Ensure to flush the toilet whenever the cat does her thing.

This strategy is simple and works if you stay committed to it.

Some folks may see this concept as an interesting concept, while others may think it’s weird! When done effectively, the issues that has to deal with smells, time wasting and most essentially germ spreading becomes a thing of the past; hence appealing! With patience and dedication to toilet train your cat, you will be much happier with the end results!
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