How to Discover Symptoms of Cat Anxiety

This content will open you up to the exact details you require for recognizing cat anxiety symptoms and then simple methods you can use to treat such anxieties.

With cats, there are basically 5 behavioral patterns that are most obvious and these include:

  • Sleeping
  •  Patrolling
  • Hunting
  • Grooming
  • Sleeping

In the event that any of the aforementioned is denied your cat, it could cause it stress. In a typical scenario, if you have an indoor cat that is known for only sleeping and grooming and doesn’t hunt in any way, it could breed distress for it. This is to say that anxiety is most commonly recorded in house cats and is therefore essential that such hunting games are being exercised adequately by prompting it, i.e. playing with the cat.

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General Sources of Anxiety in Cats:

  •  Cats being bullied by other cats
  •  Cats kept excessively within indoors
  • Cats missing someone or an animal
  •  Uncleanliness
  • Sickness
  • Fear of people or fear of other animals
  • Unsafe place to rest/ sleep
  • Pain/Trauma

The good part is that since cats are generally easily expressive in nature, it can be quite easy to recognize such anxiety symptoms.

The following are ways to recognize when your cat may be feeling such anxiety:

  •  Cat soiling the house
  •  Cat not playing or doing any physical activity
  • Unwillingness to eat or drink
  • Too much dependency on people
  • Over vigilance and excessive unrest
  • Defensiveness and hostility towards people or other animals
  • General changes in behavior

Whenever you realize that your cat is undergoing stress or anxiety – we advise that you quickly seek medical attention as such isn’t natural with cats. You can also do certain things to ensure that your cat feels safe& relaxed such as:

  •  Always providing it much higher spot to sleep and rest as such will make them feel safer.
  •  Letting the cat sleep alone likely on a cat tree, if other cats are bullying it.
  • Ensure to always provide love and support for your cat, and spend enough time with it as it will value such as protection.
  •  Try feline natural remedies. Some advertised items that stop unwanted cat behavior actually help your cat to relax and can help with feline anxiety behavior

Your cat will feel comfort from the love you offer it – even if it doesn’t show it. Providing it a warm safe place to sleep, good healthy food, clean water, care & support will almost always be sufficient for them even when they may seem scared. Finally please seek medical advice where it becomes a matter of serious concern!

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