How to be “Sitting Pretty”

You’ve tried all the tips for a healthier and younger-looking you, you’ve taken care of your body, never smoked a single cigarette and stayed away from the sun-tan lotion– not to mention the sun –since you were twelve! You say ‘no’ to that second strawberry daiquiri and try to get your eight hours of sleep every night. Why then do you still see those nasty crow’s feet creeping up on you? Why does your body feel tired and aged all the time?
The World We Live In
It is hard to be “sitting pretty” when you have to earn a living out there every day. Women’s – as well as men’s – bodies have to endure a lot of elements that are actually toxic to the body and beauty. Our bodies are being bombarded by pollution, and we are constantly hiding from the glaring sun. At mealtimes, we have to decide between unhealthy, on-the-go foods because time has become such a precious commodity.
What Should I Do?
The best thing you could do for your health and beauty is to fall in love! Yes, the endorphins released into your system when you’ve got that loving feeling improves not only your mood, but also your overall health and your looks. Adults who are in love experience a lowering in blood pressure. Love could also influence your lifestyle: If your partner eats a healthy diet, you are more likely to start following a healthy diet as well. And what better way to relax than to cuddle up with your loved one?
What Goes In Must Come Out
What you put into your body will have a visible result. Beauticians have long praised water as one of the key ingredients for long-lasting beauty. Other tips for a healthier beauty are to stay close to nature, eat products with as few ingredients as possible, and consume foods closest to the natural form. That would mean eating the corn off the cob, instead of the corn chips from a bag.
Don’t Bring Me Flowers
Next time you’d like some flowers, rather ask for a gift made with lavender. Lavender is rich in a naturally occurring chemical called linalool, often used in body and beauty products. However, if you do get those beautiful red roses, make your rose water: boil the fresh petals over very low heat in just enough water to cover them. After twenty minutes of this low simmer, strain the water and keep it in the fridge as a refreshing skin toner. You could also add some Vodka to make the water last a little longer.
Health and Beauty
These two go hand-in-hand. If you take care of your health, the beauty will shine through. Use these tips for a more beautiful version of yourself. It might be hard to make changes to your lifestyle at first. Try starting with the small things like drinking more water and reaching for the salad, instead of the fries.
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