Awesome Simple Ways to Bathe Your Cat and Make it Happy

Bathing a cat is something every cat owner must put into consideration as it offers several benefits to both parties. We have put together this content with best cat bathing tips and precautions to take to help you get it right and in good progress.

If you normally get allergies from your cat, a regular bath will help to minimize such allergens within the cat’s coat. Bathing your cat will generally help to prevent it from picking up bad odor or getting dirty.

Cat Bathing Shampoos & Conditioners

Studies have shown that cats do have thick skin like that of human. Cat’s skin is very sensitive and with their varying needs – it would be wrong to assume that human bathing products will do just right for your pet. To this end, we recommend that you always utilize a great quality mild shampoo designed for cats. Some of them may be prone to greasy skin, dry skin, or even have certain skin irritations; thus you can seek from a vet or an expert – the right shampoo to use.

It is great to use only products that are designed solely for cats and please do not use any product with tea-tree in it. Consider also that a cat’s sense of smell can be very critical; hence use a nice lovely smelling product that will not put them on the offensive side.

Cat Bathing Equipment

To bathe  your cat, you can simply use a laundry sink, a regular bath tub or even a baby bath. Try to use a non-slip mat to help secure it from the slippery surface. Only utilize warm water, and jug or cup to bathe it through its coat. Other things to keep ready may include:

  • A nice cotton towel
  • A good brush
  • Cotton wool
  • Shampoo and face washer
  • Nail clipper
  • And some treats

Before bathing your cat

  • Play with it, and have it a bit relaxed.
  • If it is long-haired, try brushing it first.
  • If it has nails, you can clip them off – just in case!
  • Stuff some cotton wool gently within its ears as this would help to stop water from going down into the ears.

If your cat dislikes water, don’t fret – as some of them naturally don’t like it. You can simply get a damp towel and rub it all over with some shampoo mix – to remove any sticky spots. Use another damp towel to do the ‘rinsing’ and then finally dry with another towel.

Cat Bathing Tricks and Tips

  • Try to keep the lighting dim within the bathroom.
  • Keep your stares at the cat very minimal.
  • You can offer your cat a ‘bum scratch’ around the base of the tail, as they usually love it.
  • Ensure to always keep a hand on your cat every time.
  • Have towels on standby.
  • Seek out for products that will help improve smell, and also reinstate natural oils on the skin & coat.

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